måndag 18 oktober 2010

3 new cassettes

Hills - s/t, C40 (hairy beast 07)
Cassette version of the now sold out LP on IGT Records but here with a bonus track. Top-notch psych/kraut rock from Gothenburg's Hills. Limited to 100 copies
Out now.
Word Wood Salad / Tapeworms Eat Bookworms, C32 (hairy beast 08)
Sweet and dreamy pop drone from Björn Jansson and Jansen Cumbie. Limited to 50 copies.
Out now.
Untitled - Untitled, C30 (hairy beast 09)
"Dark" synth ambient from the Viking Jew of Hisingen island. Comes together with a very small zine with xerox collages. Limited to 30 copies
Sold Out.

All tapes are 50 sek / 5€ plus shipping. Mail: ahairybeast@gmail.com to order.